WT Partnership

WT Partnership is an international quantity surveying company. WT Partnership identified their upcoming workplace relocation in Sydney as an opportunity to start the organisation’s cultural transition towards collaboration and innovation nationwide. This highlighted an obvious opportunity to create agile workspaces which would complement this initiative and allow staff to use the spaces more effectively.

Beginning the workplace strategy in Sydney, a workplace employee survey was initially conducted by Meta5 to assess current levels of satisfaction with the workplace. This was useful to consider alongside a ‘rebuild’ that aimed to refresh the WTP working culture.

One of the key objectives defined in the employee survey was to break silos and to create a welcoming culture of openness, trust and sense of belonging (everyone being a part of the WTP family). Furthermore, the culture should move to a more flexible working model and a culture where ‘everyone is accountable’. New technology and the workplace design were identified as key enablers for this change. WTP were looking for real positive change and were willing to challenge the current status quo and push the organisation out of its comfort zone.

The leadership visioning sessions provided insight into objectives and aspirations for the business, for IT, and for workplace culture and design. These objectives, alongside with the findings from the employee survey, made a positive foundation for new guiding principles and vision developed for the relocation project.

A utilisation study of their existing offices also gave a clear understanding of how spaces were being used. This helped ensure the future workspace could be tailored to reflect how WTP worked, as well as develop scenarios around how future growth could be accommodated.

Following the success of Sydney, the findings of the workplace strategy were then rolled out across other WTP offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra. Ultimately, WTP is aiming to create a workplace and culture where people are proud to work and love to come to work.

WT Partnership
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