Group M

WPP is the world’s largest and leading marketing communications group, with it’s lead agency in Auckland, Group M, specialising in media purchasing, advertising and communication strategy for the biggest global and local brands. With 7 different agencies located in 3 different tenancies across the Auckland CBD, the project called for a bold co-location, to bring all agencies under one roof in what was doubted the new “WPP House”.

Meta5 assisted through the initial stages of the project by undertaking an activity based working feasibility study and accommodation analysis. This involved reviewing, reporting and preparing test designs for no less than 5 possible building locations. The review process included an employee survey across all agencies and levels, utilisation study and storage audit. The test fitting process followed detailed functional and aspiration briefing process, ensuring any competing requirements were addressed and importantly, shared efficiencies maximised.

A key objective from the review process was to encourage collaboration across the organisation. The selected building required the 120 staff to be located across 2 levels, meaning utilisation of dedicated lifts and interconnecting stair access became a key driver in the spatial planning to ensure the desired collaborative outcomes were achieved.

Given the multiple businesses’ all occupying one tenancy, technology integration was also identified as critical to enable cutting edge presentation platforms for leading media clients, and also ensure the technology solution allowed each business the flexibility to work not only mobile but in any shared facility across the whole project.

Group M
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