Amart Furniture

Amart Furniture is an Australian company that wanted to create an inspiring workplace that supported their positively energised workforce based in their national support office. Meta5 worked closely with Amart to develop a client design brief, based on a deep understanding of the organisation, obtained through a Workplace Strategy. This understanding was also carried through the Change Management process that started during the Workplace strategy phase through to the Amart moving into their new workspace.

The workplace strategy process, conducted over six months, involved three levels of Amart’s organisation. Executive Leadership were engaged on a strategic and aspirational level, whilst project and team ambassadors were engaged on a project and change engagement level. All employees were also given the opportunity to participate through an employee survey.

Amart Furniture had an idea of how they wanted to work in the future and Meta5 were able to provide the guidance to transition from a traditional workplace to a flexible work environment successfully. The workplace strategy was key in facilitating an understanding of how this could work for their organisation and help identify space, technology and cultural enablers that would help support the organisation’s aspirations. A utilisation study and storage audit provided further data that was reflected in the space programme and future growth scenarios for their new space.

A significant part of Meta5’s change management process was to understand what key business and individual’s concerns were, and work with Amart Furniture to address these concerns. This included a communication strategy with employees, engagement opportunities, welcome pack and move-in day framework. A post-move framework was also incorporated to assist the organisation in settling into their new space, and identify potential ongoing fine tuning.

Meta5 also conducted a post-move employee survey, that highlighted the success of the project against the initial survey. This also assisted to identify any future opportunities for Amart to consider.

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