Work-From-Home Readiness Dashboard

How to analyse quickly if your organisation is ready to work from home.

Meta5 Group is an independent, workplace strategy-led tenant advisory service across Australia and New Zealand helping support our clients with their commercial property and people needs. Through our expertise in this area and in an effort to most immediately support your needs through COVID-19, we made available an assessment to help organisations quickly assess their readiness to implement a work-from-home requirement for staff. This survey will help swiftly identify who within the organisation can already work from home, who could potentially work from home and those who may be unable to work from home, and why.

Please feel free to use this survey in your organisation or send us back any comments if you believe there’s anything else that should be considered.

Access the Meta5 Work-From-Home Readiness Survey

Click here.

Download the sample report here:

Meta5_WFH-Survey Sample Report


If you or your organisation are interested in using our survey platform, analysis and reporting tools or would like a customised survey, please contact us at

Disclaimer: This survey is intended as an initial business assessment. Working from home should ONLY be done in accordance with any company policy and government legal requirements. 

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